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Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients
(Fahs-Beck Scholars)

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Shelly Ben-David
Silver School of Social Work
New York University
"Mental Health Service Utilization in Young Adults at Risk for
Developing Psychosis: A Qualitative Study"

Jordan Davis
School of Social Work
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
"Effect of Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention on Stress, Craving,
and Days of Use Among Emerging Adults in Residential Substance
Use Treatment: A Randomized Clinical Trial"

Kathleen Flandrick
School of Public Health
The Graduate Center, City University of New York
"Exploring the Health Effects of Precarious Employment by
Sex/Gender Using Mixed Methods"

Giovanna "Odessa" Gonzalez Benson
School of Social Work
University of Washington
"Refugee Resettlement Patterns and Organizational Activities
for Self-Sufficiency and Integration"

Jennifer E. O'Brien
School of Social Work
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Risk Factors, Protective Factors, and Identification Practices for
Child Welfare-Involved Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Survivors"

Ashley Reichelmann
Northeastern University
"Threatened by Memory: White Americans' Reactions to
Representations of Slavery"

Beth Sapiro
School of Social Work
Rutgers University
"The Relational Experiences of Transition-Age Youth Living
with Mental Health Difficulties"

Christina Ventura-DiPersia
City University of New York School of Public Health
"Examining How Factors Associated with Patients, Physicians, Hospitals,
and Surrounding Communities Affect Primary and Repeat Cesarean
Delivery Through a Social-Ecological Lens"

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