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Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients
(Fahs-Beck Scholars)

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Emily Adlin Bosk
School of Social Work
University of Michigan
“A Judged Event: Child Welfare Decision-Making”

Catherine Elizabeth Burnette
School of Social Work
University of Iowa
“Investigating the Interplay Between Past and Present:
 Native Women Affected by Intimate Partner Violence”

Erika R. Cheng
Population Health Science
University of Wisconsin – Madison
“The Impact of Childhood Developmental Disability on the Family”

Dana Davis
Center for Social Work Education
Widener University
“A study of hospital social workers’ knowledge and comfort
 level with evidence-based substance abuse interventions”

Alana Gunn
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
“Stigma Management and Social Support in the Lives
 of Formerly Incarcerated Women”

Kristi L. Law
School of Social Work
University of Iowa
“An exploration into the quality of citizen participation”

Lynn Michalopoulos
School of Social Work
University of Maryland
“Exploration of Cross-Cultural Adaptability of PTSD among
 Trauma Survivors in Northern Iraq, Thailand, and the
 Democratic Republic of Congo: Application of Item Response
 Theory and Classical Test Theory”

Elizabeth L. Noll
School of Social Policy and Practice
University of Pennsylvania
“Navigating the Discourse of Dependency:
 Welfare-Reliant Mothers in College”

Monique Pappadis
Social Worker
University of Houston
“New Paradigm: A Mixed Method Study on the Impact of
 Neurorecognition, Gender Role Conflict, and Self Identity
 On Psychological Adjustment to Traumatic Brain Injury”

Sarah Davis Redman
School of Public Health
University of Illinois, Chicago
“Media Influence on HPV Vaccine Decision-Making Behavior”

Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez
Sociology & Gerontology
Miami University of Ohio
“Self-management, social support, religiosity and self-related
 health among older Mexicans with Diabetes”

Aubrey Rodriguez
Department of Psychology
University of Southern California
“Parental Military Deployment and Adolescent Mental and Behavioral
 Health: The Role of Adolescent – Civilian Parent Interactions”

Kristen D. Seay
School of Social Work
Washington University in St. Louis
“Pathways from Caregiver Substance Misuse to Child
 Harm: A Secondary Data Analysis of the National
 Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being II”

Florian Sichling
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
“Growing up on the Margins: Exploring the Transitional Experience
 of Disadvantaged Youth in Dortmund and Chicago”

Caitlin Smith
University of Southern California
“Motivational Interviewing in a Program for Unemployed
 Young Adults without High School Diplomas”

Vanessa Vorhies
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
“Exploring experiences and perceptions of a successful transition
 to adulthood among young people aging out of foster care from
 institutional settings with serious mental health conditions”

Bincy Wilson
School of Social Work
University at Buffalo
“Examination of the exit process of women from commercial
 sexual exploitation across cultures”

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