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Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients
(Fahs-Beck Scholars)

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Rena Bina
Social Work
University of Maryland, Baltimore
“Seeking help for postpartum depression: The behavioral model of
 health service use as a framework for predicting treatment
 utilization for postpartum depression”

Julie L. Cohen
University of Arizona
“Enhancing Retention of Foster Parents: The Role of Motivational

Caroline Greaves
Simon Fraser University
“Progression towards sexual re-offence: Detailing the offence cycle
 and contributing factors in high-risk sexual offenders”

Jacqueline Njeri Kagotho
Social Work
Washington University in St. Louis
“Wealth Differentials and Health Behaviors in Immigrant Populations:
 Examining the Longitudinal Impact of Assets and Income on Health
 Behaviors and Health Outcomes”

Madeline Young Lee
Social Work
Washington University in St. Louis
“The Pursuit of Accreditation in Children’s Mental Healthcare:
 Motivations, Experiences, and Perceptions”

Amir Levine
Social Work
Yeshiva University
“Parentification and Adult Psychosocial Life Distress”

Natasha S. Mendoza
Social Work
Ohio State University
“Single mothers, substance abuse and child well-being:  Examining
 the effects of family structure and service provision in the child
 welfare system”

Jody Nicholson
University of Notre Dame
“Get the Lead Out: Reducing Lead Exposure for Children in Poverty”

Zanetta van Putten
Counseling and Family Sciences
Loma Linda University
“Describing Support: Qualitative Study of African American Couples
 with Diabetes”

Amy Chanmugam
School of Social Work
University of Texas at Austin
“Coping and Resilience in Young Adolescents Exposed
 to Adult Intimate Partner Violence”

Judith R. Havlicek
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
“Movement Trajectories: Patterns in Placements of Former
 Foster Care Youth Leading to the Transition to Adulthood”

Ginger C. Meyette
School of Social Work
University of Denver
“A Grounded Theory Study of the Experience of Grief in the
 Lives of Lesbians Age 60 and Older: Implications for Practice
 and Societal Change”

Clark M. Peters
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
“The Challenges of Extending Care: A Mixed Method
 Exploration of the Ecological Determinants of Retention
 in Care of Illinois Youths beyond Age 18”

Leslie J. Temme
School of Social Work
Adelphi University
“Meditation as a Means to Decrease the Risk for Relapse
 in Chemically Dependent Adults”

James W. Whaley
School of Social Work
New York University
“Weight Management of Children by Physicians
 in Community Medical Clinics”

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