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Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients
(Fahs-Beck Scholars)

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Jill Atkinson
California School of Professional Psychology
“A Multicultural, Community, Empowerment Approach to Parent Education: African-American and Latino Families"

Alisa Belzer
University of Pennsylvania
“Because They Wouldn't Take the Time to Really Work with Us: Reconstructing Definitions of Literacy and School Failure from the Perspectives of Adults in a Literacy Program"

Gary P. Bischof
Purdue University
“Finding a Niche: Family Therapists Working in Physician Private Practices"

Stephen Joseph Brannen
University of Texas, Austin
“Effectiveness of Gender-Specific versus Couples' Groups in Court Mandated Spouse Abuse Treatment Program"

Sandra Frucht
California School of Professional Psychology
“Family Interaction, Ethnic Identity, and Ego Identity: A Study of Mexican-American Adolescents"

Joseph Hopper
University of Colorado
“Framing Divorce"

Catherine M. Lemieux
Florida International University
“The Relative Influence of Social Support, Rehabilitation Program Participations & Inmate Pre-incarceration Characteristics on Incarcerated Substance Abusers' Perceptions of Adjustment to Community Reintegration"

Marjorie Lipton
Florida International University
“The Effect of the Mother's Distress on the Trauma Experienced by the Sexually Abused Child"

Lirio Negroni-Rodriguez
Boston College
“Puerto Rican Mothers' Thoughts and Attitudes about child Discipline & Child Abuse: Their Attributions toward and Expectations of Children"

Debra Nelson-Gardell
Florida State University
“Child Report of Sexual Abuse Treatment Effectiveness: Development of a Rapid Assessment Instrument"

Marie Sacco
Columbia University
“Reality Testing, Dissociation, and Repression in Adult Women who Report Early Sexual and Physical Abuse"

Susan Elizabeth Smith
University of Chicago
“Public Policies and Economic Hardship: Determining Where Individual Decisions Confront Structural Barriers"

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