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Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients
(Fahs-Beck Scholars)

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Dianne M. Brown
Howard University
"Loneliness Low Self-Esteem: Psychological Factors in Adolescent Pregnancy among African-American Females”

Carol Ann Coohey
University of Chicago
“Physically Abusive Mothers: An Exchange Theoretic Approach”

Michael DeSimone
New York University
“Unresolved Grief in Women who have Relinquished an Infant for Adoption”

Josephine Diaz
Columbia University
The Impact of Sexual Abuse on Female Adolescents: Factors Influencing Subsequent Psychological Adjustment and Sexual Behavior”

Quang Duong-Tran
University of Washington
“Family Functioning & Its Influence on Southeast Asian Adolescents' Social Functioning and Well-Being”

Jo Ann Garner-McGraw
University of North Carolina
“Family Characteristics Related to Respite Care Effects and Satisfaction”

Carolyn Copps Hartley
University of Chicago
“Why Don't Children Tell? Incestuous Offenders' Maintenance of Child Sexual Abuse”

Deborah Gail Helsel
University of California, San Francisco
“Hmong-American Fertility Decisions and Patterns”

Marianne Frances Jahn
Adelphi University
“The Relationship of Family Secrets to Family Environment, Shame, Self-Esteem, Capacity for Intimacy & Current Emotional Distress in ACOAs and Non-ACOAs”

Barbara Iwanaga King
University of Washington
“Beliefs and Attitudes of Women on Welfare about what Employment Training and Work will Provide”

Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital
University of California, San Francisco
“Adolescents' Constructions of HIV Prevention Education”

Jennifer Moore-McDonald
California School of Professional Psychology
“Low Income African-American Families' Achievement Practices & Children's Experienced Prejudice: Correlates of Children's Academic Achievement & Psychosocial Competence”

Jean Peterman
University of Illinois
“Deciding to Get an Abortion: Puerto Rican and White Women Tell their Stories”

Robert Pike-Urlacher
Purdue University
“The Development of Supervisee Developmental Needs Scale (SDNS)”

Karen A. Plager
University of California, San Francisco
“The Experience of Health and Physical Health Promotion in Families with Young Children: An Interpretive Study”

Shielagh R. Shusta
Adelphi University
“Relationships Between Childhood Abuse, Dissociation & Body Image Disturbance in Eating Disordered Women”

Vondelear O. Smith
Howard University
“Familial Burden, Coping and Social Support Among Caregivers of the Chronic Mentally Ill”

Johan Verseveldt
Fuller Theological Seminary
“The Effects of the Relationship of Therapy upon Marital Adjustment and Satisfaction of those who are in a Marital Enrichment Program”

Myles H. Whitney
State University of New York
“Enhancing the Transfer & Maintenance of Gains Made in Social Skills Training for Institutionalized Juvenile Delinquents: A Field Study”

Marilyn Commerford Wilts
California School of Professional Psychology
“Parent and Child Attributional Style: Correlates of Academic Achievement & Psychosocial Competence among African-American Children”

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