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Faculty/Post-Doctoral Research Grant Recipients
(Fahs-Beck Fellows)
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Dr. Carol Brownstein-Evans
Department of Social Work
Nazareth College
Dr. Robert H. Keefe
School of Social Work
University at Buffalo
“African American and Latina Mothers Living with Postpartum Depression”

Dr. Julie A. Hubbard
Department of Psychology
University of Delaware
"Implementation and Evaluation of the KiVA Bullying Prevention Program in U.S. Schools"

Dr. Wooksoo Kim
School of Social Work
University at Buffalo
“The Quality of Life in Asian Immigrant Elders: Focus on Gambling Behaviors”

Dr. Davina Porock
School of Nursing
University at Buffalo
"Person-Centered Dementia Care in Specialist Dementia Units:
A Pilot and Feasibility Study"

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