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Faculty/Post-Doctoral Research Grant Recipients
(Fahs-Beck Fellows)
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E. Summerson Carr, Ph.D.
Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
“Disseminating Motivational Interviewing (MI) Across Social Work
 Domains: An Ethnographic Study of MI Traning Practices”

Andrea K. Wittenborn, Ph.D.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
“Stage II Randomized Clinical Trial of Emotionally Focused Therapy
 for Comorbid Depression and Marital Distress”

Joan Beder, Ph.D.
Social Work
Yeshiva University
“Social Work with Soldiers/Veterans: Impact and Intervention”

Cathy Berkman, Ph.D.
Social Service
Fordham University
“Cross-cultural and cross-generational end-of-life treatment and
 communication preferences: Preferences and Behaviors of
 Hispanic and Korean American older adults and their adult children”

Qin Gao, Ph.D.
Social Service
Fordham University
“Cultural Values, Childrearing Practices, and Child Maltreatment
 Among Asian Americans in New York City”

Mary Ohmer, Ph.D.
Social Work
Georgia State University
“Facilitating Collective Efficacy to Prevent Youth Violence: Using
 Consensus Organizing and Restorative Justice”

Adriana Umana-Taylor, Ph.D.
Social and Family Dynamics
Arizona State University
“Supporting MAMI: Mexican-origin Adolescent Mothers and Infants”

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